We collaborate with INNERFIT to help energise your team and increase productivity for your company.

By fusing bespoke fitness and healthy snacking options, we can unlock your team’s true potential.

Our weekly offerings boost morale and team relationships, whilst improving physical and mental stamina. That means fewer sick days, higher productivity and a happier workplace. 

When the whole team is healthy and motivated, everyone wins.

Together, we fuse fitness with bespoke snacks and juices to bring out your teams' true potential.

If you would like to learn more about how your team could work with Innerfit & Po-ten-cy to energise your team and avoid the '3pm dip' we'd love to hear from you.



Our fitness sessions led by INNERFIT include a 45 minute dynamic mix of full-body fat-burn training, followed by a selection of immune boosting, refreshing cold pressed juices and superfood smoothies, plus handmade energy balls to refuel post workout.



We're on a mission to facilitate health, wellbeing, and increased productivity for London’s workplaces. To see how we can enable your team to make wellness a sustainable and permananent lifestyle choice, contact

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