About us


PO-TEN-CY was born out of a desire to produce truly healthy, energy boosting snacks without compromising on taste, or texture.  


As a mother of a child with a variety of intolerances, Zoe found it difficult to find healthy, tasty snacks to sustain the whole family that weren’t highly processed or filled with preservatives. Taking from her knowledge as a chef and extensive practice of holistic nutrition, Zoe got to work experimenting in the kitchen. 


All PO-TEN-CY snacks are handmade; filled with cleverly paired ingredients high in plant based protein, sweetened only with natural, unrefined sugars, and boosted with superfoods.   

Whilst many of our more important ingredients are organic, we also believe in sourcing local produce – the majority of which goes into our cold pressed juices, superfood smoothies, and plant based brownies.   

Our kitchen is entirely free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, with the majority of our snacks also being raw and vegan. We use bio packaging, completely recyclable and often compostable, whilst operating a zero waste policy in the kitchen by making all snacks to order. 


We focus on filling our products with ingredients that complement each other, both in flavour and nutrition.   


PO-TEN-CY currently supply workplaces and families in London with individual snack pots and sharing snack boxes, designed to sustain you through the working week. 


One of our main aims is to introduce a healthy snacking culture at work and at home. It’s all too easy to reach for the biscuit tin that’s being passed around at 3pm during the mid-afternoon slump. With a weekly delivery of a healthy snack box, it’s easy to stay on track for the whole team.   

Our clients that receive our weekly snack and juice packages feedback to us that their staff are more energised, happier and more productive with our healthy deliveries. They're the perfect complimentation to any workplace wellness initiative.


We ask our customers to place their weekly order by Friday for the following week’s deliveries, as all of our snacks are handmade to order. This way, we ensure that we keep our kitchen zero waste. However, do contact us for emergency snack requests with 24 hours notice. 

Deliveries can be made Monday - Friday between 10am & 3pm anywhere in London Zones 1 & 2.